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  • Etcetera branded paper bags
    Sara's Style Blog

    Savvy Sale Shopping

    We all love a bargain but how many times have you regretted an impulse purchase prompted by a red ticket? I love a reduction as much as the next women so…

  • Browsing the rails Etcetera Clothing and Accessories
    Sara's Style Blog

    Declutter now!

    I don’t believe anyone has a clutter free wardrobe. I know I don’t.  But how frustrating is it to rifle through your wardrobe, under time pressure, and be unable to find…

  • Clothing rails at Etcetera Summer 2018
    Sara's Style Blog

    Caring for your clothes

    There’s nothing sexy about clothes hangers but having spent most of my adult life working with them I know that however much we might like to ignore such a dullsville subject…