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I don’t believe anyone has a clutter free wardrobe. I know I don’t.  But how frustrating is it to rifle through your wardrobe, under time pressure, and be unable to find that essential shirt/jeans/dress? So here goes with the wardrobe diet.

  1. Bin anything you are keeping for sentimental reasons. Take a picture of it and pass it on, or pack it away in a box of memorabilia.
  2.  Bin anything which will never, ever fit you. I’m not talking about things that are a little tight but clothes from years ago that would need a whole new body type to wear. Getting rid of old things is a way of accepting and loving the body you have now.
  3.  Bin clothing that is hard work. I definitely have things which are beautiful on the hanger but are a pain to wear; they crease easily, or maybe they are dry clean only, whatever the reason they are taking up valuable wardrobe and head space, or pass them on to someone who will wear it. And learn from it – don’t buy high maintenance clothes.
  4.  Bin items that are damaged and are expensive to repair.
  5.  Bin items that you used to love but no longer wear.  I have a few items which I used to wear all the time, but as fashion moves on you subconsciously reject them often because they make you feel frumpy.

Look at the pile of clothes you have removed and divide into three piles. The first pile is for pieces which friends and family might appreciate, the second is destined for the charity shop, and the third for recycling. If you are undecided about any items put them in a bag and put in the attic/cellar out of sight. I guarantee you will forget about them, until you stumble across the bag.




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