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Feel confident in the body you have

Customer in mirror at Etcetera clothing and accessories

Is there a woman alive who doesn’t feel vulnerable about her body, and I include myself? We all look back on our younger selves and regret the time wasted stressing about weight, body shape, hair?   We were young and gorgeous then but didn’t believe in our innate fabulousness. But do you know what, we are older and fabulous NOW, we just need to feel it. It is an absolute waste of time to put life on hold whilst a diet is embarked on or an exercise plan enacted.

Clothes shopping can reinforce negative body images especially if a dress is taken into the changing room in what is thought to be our size only to find that it’s too tight, horrors. The reality is that standard sizing is a thing of the past. I have clothes in sizes 10 – 18 (yes really) and they all fit.  Shopping for clothes is rather like dating; you have to kiss a few frogs until you find the right one. It is not that your body is wrong for a dress but the dress is wrong for you.  Keep trying.

Size is just a number and trends are just suggestions of what to wear. If you know something works with your body and you feel a million dollars wearing it, then you’re wearing the best trend of all –confidence.

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