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Stress Free Holiday Packing

Born out of bitter experience, I am an anorak when it comes to holiday packing, a veritable train spotter. I used to wing it, the day before departure I would pack creatively/badly and live, on my longed for holiday, to regret it. So this is what I have learnt;

  1. Choose 5 colours, 2 neutrals and 3 accent colours and stick to this colour palette. Add a couple of patterned scarves to draw the colours and outfits together.
  2. When planning what to take work in outfits. Think about what you will be doing each day and lay the clothes out with accessories.
  3. Shoes; one pair of sneakers,  a pair of flat sandals,  a pair wedges, and some cheap and cheerful flip flops.
  4. Take your nicest things. Those special items you bought for high days and holidays, although perhaps not the diamonds! Including one beautiful dress, you never know where you might be invited so travel optimistically.
  5. Finally what to wear to travel in? Unless leaving the UK in winter to travel to somewhere cold, my tried and tested outfit consists of 7/8 trousers preferably with some lycra in them, so much more comfortable to sit in, a three quarter sleeve jersey top, a lightweight body warmer, flat slip on shoes (so much easier to remove for those awful security checks), and a cross body bag. Happy travels.

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