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Creating a Mood Board

When I chose this image for my next newsletter it set me thinking;  Most of us are impulsive buyers, we see something we like then work out what it will go with, if anything, when we’ve bought it and look at it at home.  With a little thought and some effort it needn’t be like this.  The beginning of a season  is the perfect time to create a mood board to help focus the mind on the months  ahead and which possible purchases will be on trend and right for you.


The first step is to do some research. This is fun.  Beg borrow but don’t steal any magazines you can lay your hands on, I love Good Housekeeping, and the early Spring bumper edition of Grazia is a riot of ideas.   Buy the daily papers on their fashion days. Monday and Thursday Daily Mail, Wednesday The Times, Lisa Armstrong, Tuesdays and Fridays, in the Telegraph is particularly good. The fashion writers are brilliant at distilling trends.  The next step is to cut out pictures of anything that takes your eye, either file these or, and I know this sounds rather ‘Blue Peterish’, stick them on a large piece of plain card. The trick is to both keep an open mind whilst also retaining a realistic view of what suits.  This process will help you by flagging up items you love and want to try, and just as important, highlighting what isn’t there, which is fashion’s way of saying ‘it’s time to move on, try something different.


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