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Sara Foster of Etcetera Clothing and Accessories

Sara Foster is Etcetera, and Etcetera is all about clothes, fashion and style because after a lifetime in retail Sara is still as obsessed and fascinated by all three.  Well known for her BBC Radio Lancashire work and for the talks that she gives to Charity groups, she is passionate about dressing her customers.

Well known labels Seasalt, White Stuff and Sandwich are always in stock plus a fantastic selection of accessories, but Etcetera is also about our customers. It is a cliché to say that customers are our friends, but in the case of Etcetera it is true, and if they aren’t our friends when they arrive we hope they will by the time they leave.

An ability to chat is the essential requirement for anyone working at Etcetera, and you are just as likely to find customers swapping gardening tips or books they’ve read as talking about clothes. It is a friendly and welcoming shop and no one is ever pressurised into buying anything, a purchase has to make the wearer feel wonderful and if it doesn’t, leave it behind.

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